Poultry corona machine

Poultry corona machine

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poultry stunner machine
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1.Equipment Overview
   The poultry corona machine is a special equipment specially used for changing the bird from dynamic to static, making it convenient for subsequent work.
This equipment has the characteristics of reliable performance, strong continuous workability, safety and practicality.
   The body of the poultry corona machine is made of nylon insulation board, which is used to complete the corona operation of the poultry slaughter line. The corona voltage can be adjusted to make the live birds reach the state of unconsciousness, which is convenient, safe and reliable.

Item Name

electric stunning

Item Type



1000-8000pcs /H

Overall Size


Output current intensity




Specified Voltage



Stainless steel 304

Used For

 make the poultry become static to plucking the poultry easily

2.Installation and adjustment
   *1. The equipment must not be impacted or violently shaken during transportation, and the external surface of the equipment must not be scratched.
   *2. The equipment has been inspected and tested before leaving the factory. The installation must be correct, the ground plane on which the equipment is placed must be flat and firm, and the drive belt must be properly tensioned.
   *3. Before the test run, first check whether the screws of each part have been tightened, and whether the bearing room, the hanger bearing and the sliding parts have been filled with lubricant.
   *4. Before connecting the power, first check whether the electrical system is intact, whether the motor is wet, and drive belt winding direction is correct   
*5. After the power supply is connected, open the car and check whether the operation of each part is normal, whether the drive belt is deflected or not, and whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct.
3.Equipment characteristics:
   *1. Wide range of application: various blow molding, extrusion, injection molding parts;
   *2. The use of advanced high-power tube, stable and reliable performance;
   *3. The working frequency can be adjusted arbitrarily;
   *4. With over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short circuit, over temperature and other protection functions;
   *5.The device can be external sound and light alarm;
   *6. Wide working temperature range;
   *7. Multiple protection reasons, machine status and CPU work instructions;
   *8. The nozzle is fixed and installed, which is easy to operate and easy to control;
   *9. Short processing time and fast speed;
   *10. Corona treatment only involves the extremely shallow range of plastic surface layer, generally only on the order of nanometers, which basically does not affect the mechanical properties of the product;
   *11. No discharge of waste liquid, basically no pollution to the environment;
   *12. Safe and reliable: Because the corona is a low temperature and high energy source, even if the corona sprayed out on the surface of the polymer material for a long time (a few minutes), there is no danger.
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